Consultancy services for the Government Buildings Agency


Part of the mission of the Government Buildings Agency (de Rijksgebouwendienst) is to preserve Dutch cultural heritage by maintaining the great number of historic buildings and properties that are owned by the Dutch Government.

Task:Erfgoed Installaties was asked to help the department of Architects & Advisors in their daily job.

Approach: The Government Buildings Agency ensures suitable, sustainable and safe housing for all ministries and a large number of organisations and services affiliated to these ministries. It acts as an advisor and as a commissioning body for various housing issues. Erfgoed Installaties participated in carrying out this demanding and responsible task.

Results: Various surveys, project definitions, redevelopment studies and cost estimates have been delivered. Also job descriptions for third party design engineers and protocols for commissioning have been written by Erfgoed Installaties. Properties for which this has been done are amongst others: The Bouwershuis in Deventer, the 's-Gravenhof in Zutphen, the Welkooppand in Apeldoorn, The Sassenpoort in Zwolle (medieval city gate), the Maarten van Rossemhuis in Zaltbommel and castle Loevestein in Poederoijen

Client: Rijksgebouwendienst (Government Buildings Agency)

Completion: 2009